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I still haven't sent in my papers for Jet. They're due on Friday, eep! Plus I just noticed that there's a typo in my passport for my birthday. It hasn't been a problem and I've gone to Spain, Japan, Ireland, and France using it. I actually vaguely remember somebody at the Japanese airport quizzing me about what was on my passport and getting the birthday "wrong" but I guess I forgot about it. But it will be a big problem when I apply for a Japanese visa so I guess that's another thing I have to do. I also need to get fingerprinted at the police station and get an FBI background check.

I'm reeeeally worried about where I'll be placed. I mean, I guess there are a few thousand Jets and only so many small islands, so statistically I have a low chance of being on one. That's reassuring. But I'm also really nervous about being put in a rural place. And I'm not just being a stupid city girl when I say this. Click the lj cut for the reason. It's terrifying.

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Sorry if I've been ranting about these a lot. But, oh my god, 8 inch centipedes! That thing looks like evil incarnate and it should not exist. They're incredibly aggressive and their bite can send you to the hospital. Apparently the bugs are just bigger in Japan but this thing is the worst. I hope it's the worst. I don't think they have scorpions...
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