horntotingmania (horntotingmania) wrote,

The cutest, most heartwarming thing happened today! We were playing four corners in my 2nd grade class. Basically, the kids run to one of the room's four corners that corresponds to a new vocabulary word. Then, if I call out the name of their corner, the kids who picked it have to sit down. The winner is the last one standing. Anyway, the smallest, most shy boy in the 2nd grade class won and he could scarcely believe it when the Japanese teacher and I announced it. His eyes went wide. "Who, me?" Then the entire class started clapping and cheering wildly for him and he was still dumbfounded but a grin was beginning to form on his face. Then the teacher told him to come up and take his pick from her treasure trove of awesome sparkling stickers and by then he was just as happy as he could be. I mean, when you were a kid you probably had a happy dream that ended like this, right? Adulation from your peers and teachers and big prizes, hehe. Kids are so cute!
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