horntotingmania (horntotingmania) wrote,

My parents came to visit me and we went to Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, and Hiroshima. Kyoto was so utterly amazing. I want to go again, but I'm not sure when. Hiroshima and Nara were great too. I petted tigers and elephants in Thailand and I finally have gotten to pet deer. They are very forward and will attack you for deer crackers.

They also came up to where I live and visited two of my schools. My students were so cute! They were all lining up to shake hands and introduce themselves. My parents shook hands with at least half of all the students. It really only took one outgoing kid to break the ice and then a flood of introductions usually followed, lol.

My band competed in this city-wide contest with a bunch of music groups and we won!! So we're going to the prefecture-wide contest (a prefecture is like a state) in August but I can't go because I'm going to New York. Maybe we'll make it into the Northern region competition too? That way I can play!
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